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The globe-trotting jewel robbery caper premise created a very episodic storyline, which turned out to allow flexibility in the long run. Ron Dias, who received an opening title credit for background color styling, recalled it as a challenging production, mired in stops and starts. Sequences were planned and dropped. One deleted song ended up on the album: “Weekend in France, Italy, England, Amsterdam, Greece.” The crossed-out countries in the title of the song are deliberate, perhaps as a behind-the-scenes nod to deleted sequences. In the Bagdasarian tradition, the other songs in the score are a blend of original and familiar tunes.

Obviously, that doesn’t give us a lot, but it does give hope that maybe things will start being shown for the new film. Because as of right now, we only have a potential synopsis based on a copyright claim that says the following:


Back at the office, The four Thunderbean folks that work there have been owning that space. Dave and Becky are handling all of the Amazon orders and special discs that are all finished. Becca has been diligently handling the dubbing and combining of all the pre-order things about to ship, including dubbing everything as soon as the masters are delivered to her. She’s set up all the envelopes ready for those dubs, organized by groups of things going out in three different shipments. I’ve promised not to touch them and mess up her organization. That’s ok since I really need to get these special sets done. As the plate is getting cleared of these projects, I’ll be ready for the Flip the Frog finishing storm that’s about to land (or, honestly, already has started)APRON

The special will star Bronte Carmichael as the voice of Robin, Adeel Akhtar as Dad Mouse, Richard E. Grant as her hoarder friend Magpie, and Gillian Anderson as the villain of the whole thing…a bird-chomping cat named Cat. Neither birds nor mice have it easy against cats, but the two species have never tried teaming up before. Perhaps with Robin Robin’s help, they can finally fight back…

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Delightful as the Storyteller version is, it does not offer the wonderful score by George Bruns nor the vocals by Lucille Bliss and Bill Lee (though he is in the vocal ensemble). It must have been decided that 101 Dalmatians was a story film and not a musical. The fact that was so successful for so many years as a “studio” or “second cast” album supports this decision.

Next, a stationary bicycle. The old gag revisited again, as the rear stand vibrates out of place like a kick-stand removed. Billy sails out the station rear door, up a hill, back down again in reverse, into the station, and takes out another wall. Possible is noticing their home is beginning to look thinner than the bear himself. Possible installs one more device from the roof rafters – a chinning bar. Billy’s weight, reduced or no, is still an overwhelming factor here, and Poss quickly realizes he has made a mistake, as the rafters begin to groan. He and Macon Mouse abandon station, as the roof caves in under the bear’s weight, and all four walls collapse in one by one, as if watching the fall of a house of cards.


101 Dalmatians was one of them. For the first time, all the music from the film was heard in the style of a soundtrack/score album, with the assistance of renowned cinematic restoration master, Scott McQueen.

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